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Next Jack Family Society Gathering

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Dates: July 11-24, 2024
Venue: Grandfather Mountain Highland Games
Location: Western North Carolina, USA

The tickets are officially "on sale" now!
See Web Link: Click Here

Any further questions; please fire away to Jill Memmott Olsen through our Jack Family facebook page Click Here.

Our Draft Schedule

Please mark your calendar for July 11 through the 14th, 2024.

Here’s the scoop: We are having our first U.S. Gathering. We will be meeting up on Thursday, July 11th at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. It is the largest Highland Games in North America. (Last year they had 4,500 people attend all the weekend's events). https://gmhg.org General tickets for the games are $75 if booked in advance (on-line). At the gate $85. Children are $20. These are the total prices and include all days for the games.

The schedule is not yet official, but we talked with the people putting the event together and found the following: General tickets are on sale now, and the behind the scenes work is well under way on our end!

-Thursday, July 11th - Calling of the Clans

-Friday- July 12th - Games and fun during the day (shepherding, etc) - In the evening will be the Torchlight Ceremony

-Saturday, July 13th - Games, pipers, music, dance, etc.

-Sunday - July 14th- Parade of the Clans, Kirkin’ and adjourn. We will be doing a Jack Family Gathering Meeting. This will be placed on the schedule at our discretion. It will be determined by how many people are coming and when it looks like there is a break in the “games schedule”. We may even put it as a luncheon together on the mountain.

Things you need to know

Here are some things that we need to know from you:
1. Are you thinking about coming? If so, how many will be in your group? (With 4,500 people, there will be no hotels available unless we book a block of rooms).

2. Will you be flying or driving? If flying, do you need help with your flight? The closest major airport is Charlotte. (The Grandfather Mountain is in the Appalachian Mountains and where many of the Scottish people settled when moving to the U.S.) It is a bit remote, so will require a rental car or organized transportation. We are putting that together, depending on how many people can arrive at the same time. If that isn’t possible, you will need to rent a car.

3. We would like to create a package including ticket price, transportation (especially to and from the mountain), Hotel and 1 or 2 meals. We will also put a “gathering meeting” of our family (all Jack Family attendees would attend). This might be a catered luncheon on the mountain (for logistic reasons). Please let us know if you would like this package put together. It is really critical for us to get a rough count! Once they open up ticket sales all the hotel rooms in the area will be sold out. We plan to book this in Boone or Banner Elk in the next few weeks. Joava owns a travel agency - Sky High Travel. She has organized hundreds of trips like this and groups we have taken to the United Kingdom. If you want to add more cities and travel before and beyond this fabulous weekend, just let her know in your message.

Please let us know as soon as possible! You can private message us through messenger, or through our Jack Family facebook page Click Here.

Jill Olsen and Joava Good

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