JACK Family Society "criochnaich clod a thoisich thu"

Welcome to our website
There are thousands of descendants of families with the surname Jack and its variants living all over the world. The original Jack's (formerly spelt 'Jak') were located in Scotland, some named Jacques came from Spain or France. This site is dedicated to the Jack Family Society that was formed following a tradition of family gatherings that were held by our Chief John Jack's family who live in Fife. In 2009 they decided to open these gatherings up to other Jack surname holders around the world and a facebook page was added allowing our families to better communicate across the planet.

The group is committed to keeping the posterity of the Jack Family Society going with bi-annual gatherings, as well as having an online place to meet others with the same surname, get questions answered and help out with the various family genealogies. We also have a Jack YDNA project well underway.

Minutes and newsletters where you can find guidelines, rules and a ton of great Jack historical info are all located in both the media and files tabs at the top of our facebook page. Please check these out. If you're not already a member we would love you to join us.

Our gatherings are a great opportunity to meet with other Jack families, talk about your family history, see some magnificent parts of Scotland and get a real taste of some Scottish traditions. Join us this year (2024) at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games set high in the Mountains of Western North Carolina, USA.
Jack Tartan
If you require a Kilt, our Tartan is available through most major weavers like Scotsweb, see their link here. The link to the Scottish Register of Tartans showing our official Jack weave is here. Our thanks to John Jack for sharing this with all Jack's.

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